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Photo Gallery of Before and After Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Face Lift, Neck Lift, Lower Eyelid Lifts and Lip Volume Restorations - Plastic Surgery

Before Facial Rejuvenation
After Plastic Surgery, Face, Neck, Lower Eyelid Lifts and Lip Volume Restorations
			(with own live tissues) were performed in San Francisco, CA

In this result, a face, neck, lower eyelid lifts and lip volume restorations (with the patient's own live tissues) were performed. One of the most striking effects of a modern facial rejuvenation is the elevation of the facial fat which has fallen over time to its normal youthful position over the malar bone. This gives significant support to the lower eyelids. In other words, the size of the aperture of the eyes remains the same, but the shape is far more youthful, almond shape.



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